The most profitable investments in Turkey in 2015

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6 January 2016
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The most profitable investments in Turkey in 2015

invest in turkey, الاستثمارات الاكثر ربحاً في تركيا سنة 2015
During the year 2015 the most profitable investments in Turkey was the investments in the real estate in Turkey and in the currency exchange market. Real estate in Turkey increased by 25%, especially in the big cities of turkey such as Istanbul.

Real estate and housing investors in Turkey:
Despite the differences of the cities and the regions, the percentage of profits were high in each property in Turkey. In some areas, such as Fatih in Istanbul, Antalya and Adana, the profit percentage reached 36%.
2015 was a profitable year for all the investors in the real estate field in Turkey without exception.

Investors in the currency exchange market in Turkey:
Money investors in Turkey in the field of currency exchange have made a profit of more than 25% relative to the US dollar in Turkey.
The euro profits reached 14%.

Turkish investors in the stocks market:
The weakest link for the year 2015 investment were Turkish stocks market. The Turkish BIST 100 fell 16%.

The other investments such as gold and bank deposits it was profitable also, however it is not comparable with the profits of real estate, for example.

2016 forecast:
According to experts, international and national analysts, 2016 will be raised in many areas, the most important will be real estate. The reason behind this rise in the real estate field in Turkey is the raising of the minimum wage in Turkey to 1300 Turkish Liras, which will cause an increase in the costs of labors and building workers and other materials ...
This rise in properties prices in Turkey is not just in new apartments in Turkey and new villas in Turkey, but it will affect the second-hand houses in Turkey and the rent in Turkey also.
Foreign real estate market in Turkey is still on going, experts, analysts and investors advise to invest in real estate in Turkey.
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