Cyprus Comfort Complex

شقق للبيع في كاديكوي
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16 February 2016
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18 February 2016

Cyprus Comfort Complex

Cyprus Comfort Complex/ properties for sale in Syprus

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Cyprus Comfort Complex

General Information
life meets with comfort! With different apartment options from 1+1 and 2+1 to 3+1, an exclusive residence comfort.
Peaceful Country
300 Days Sunny Weather
Lovely beaches
1 hour flight to Istanbul
Foreigner friendly locals
Everybody is speaking English
Most beautiful casinos in the Mediterranean
European Mindset and British Life Style
The law applies to everyone; local or foreigner in the same way


There are so many reasons to invest in North Cyprus that investors will quickly come to the same conclusion – North Cyprus is the place to be! The third largest island in the Mediterranean is divided into the Greek governed South and the Turkish controlled north. Although the south of Cyprus hit the economic jackpot early on, now investors are looking to the North for the kind of deals that can no longer be found in the south.

Despite its International isolation, North Cyprus has been posting slow but steady growth since 1977; today it is considered one of the best returning markets in the Mediterranean. North Cyprus’s free market economy and its British business and legal practices make it an ideal place for foreign investors who want to place their money in an up-and-coming market that is yet familiar to them on several levels.

The government of North Cyprus has recognized the importance of attracting foreign interest and investment hence they have begun pushing the development of its tourism sector and it has also been investing heavily in improving the country’s infrastructure. The government has additionally started to develop resort towns similar to those found on the south side of the island. Now that the United Nations has pledged to reconcile both sides of the island the European Union has pledged € 259 million in aid to attract foreign direct investment.

Investing in North Cyprus is one of the best ways of ensuring high growth and appreciation for your money. The island’s extremely low cost of living, its booming property market and burgeoning tourist towns all point to a nation that is a solid place to invest for both the short and long term. After all with its unspoiled beauty and exceptional location investors can truly enjoy watching their money grow.

The economy of Northern Cyprus is dominated by the services sector (69% of GDP), which includes the public sector, trade, tourism and education. Industry (light manufacturing) contributes 22% of GDP and agriculture 9%. The economy operates on a free-market basis, with a significant portion of administration costs funded by Turkey. The TRNC uses the Turkish Lira as its currency, which links its economic situation to the Turkish economy.

As of 2013, the GDP per capita of Northern Cyprus was $15,302, and the GDP was estimated to be at $4.273 billion in 2014. The economy grew by an estimated 3.70% in 2014 and 2.8% in 2013, meaning that Northern Cyprus is growing faster than the Republic of Cyprus. Despite the constraints imposed by the lack of international recognition, the TRNC economy turned in an impressive performance. The nominal GDP growth rates of the TRNC economy in 2001-2005 were 5.4%, 6.9%, 11.4%, 15.4% and 10.6%, respectively.

The growth was further buoyed by the arrival of North European Home Buyers, investing in holiday villas. Over 10,000 British people, including Expatriates purchased holiday villas there to live in permanently, or to visit during the summer months. These settlers generated over $1 Billion between 2003 and 2007.
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