Foreign investment in Turkey rose by 32% in 2015

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20 February 2016
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29 February 2016

Foreign investment in Turkey rose by 32% in 2015

الاستثمار في تركيا, الاستثمارات الاجنبية في تركيا سنة 2015

Foreign investment in Turkey rised by 32% in 2015

Foreign investment in Turkey rised by 32% in 2015
The foreign direct investment in Turkey, in 2015 rised by 32%, and increased the foreign investments to the maximum level reached in Turkey by US $ 16.6 billion, according to the Prime Ministry Investment Support and Promotion Agency (ISPAT) data.

ISPAT indicated that foreign investments have increased by US $ billion, compared with previous years. Pointing out that the services sector in Turkey has won the largest share of investment in development, followed by the energy and manufacturing sectors in Turkey.

ISPAT also claimed that the most three countries investment in Turkey in 2015, was Spain, the United States and Luxembourg; followed by Netherlands, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Russia, Britain, China and Germany.

Arda Aermott, the president of ISPAT said that despite of the Turkish election crisis in 2015, and some of the negative events in Turkey and the region, the investment sector in Turkey has witnessed a remarkable development, in addition that Turkey has become an economic magnet for foreign investment.

He added that the ISPAT predicts a rise in foreign investment this year (2016), based on an assessment and positive views of international investors about the developments and the amendments made by the current Turkish government in its plan to encourage foreign investment.
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