Istanbul Towers in Levent

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23 January 2016
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26 January 2016

Istanbul Towers in Levent

شقق للبيع في تركيا في ليفنت

apartments for sale in Istanbul Towers in Levent

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General Information
Levent Istanbul Towers promises you a distinctive life through its location in the center of Istanbul - quite the center of shopping and entertainment centers, financial, business, and the places and vital process - and through modern design, in addition to all what you would expect. You are invited to a modern life of Istanbul's Levent towers: with a construction area of ​​17.405 square meters at a height of 25 floors, consisting of 144 home of the highest quality: A +. Levent Levent Istanbul towers stationed in yield with top rents areas. Compared to other projects in Istanbul, they are yielding faster Asttmartkm.
Levent Istanbul Towers rich social facilities which Stqdon the afternoon, more. You will be able to have fun and forget the troubles of life tension, in restaurants, cafes and games rooms. Healthy and active life within the reach of your hands! Through the pool, and fitness club, and sauna and steam rooms.
Houses in Istanbul Levent towers smart homes. It combines comfort, safety and technology in perfect harmony. A chance to live views and air Istanbul landscapes impressive through their windows and glass dynamic. Your kitchen, with a contemporary design, and fully equipped. Is more than just a place to prepare food! In the project in which energy is constantly and permanently exist through the device generating electricity system, there is an elevator for 2 persons and an electric elevator number 1 for payloads.
You will not face up the problem of finding a place to park your car when you arrive to your home. Levent in Istanbul Towers car park consists of seven floors, and offers valet parking and a dedicated one car per flat position, with parking for your guests. Your safety the center of attention, Vlvent Residence Life 2 fitted with safety for fires, earthquakes, according to international standards, and monitoring through closed-circuit cameras over 7/24.
Levent in Istanbul towers welcome your guests, Kaaakm, a broad smile from the heart! Bees and all that may arise from the substantive and technical problems.
Easy and convenient access to all areas Project Levent Istanbul Towers offers you a comfortable life make everything under your reach, characterized by easily transport that takes advantage of all the possibilities offered by the city. Your time will keep you and Ohbabikm. Combines project Levent Istanbul residential towers between ease of transportation and scenic location and a growing investment quickly add value to the benefits and services provided to its residents that.
Apartments available for 1 + 1-2 + 1-3 + 1-4 +1 and apartments with surfaces in Istanbul Levent residential towers Welcome to the multiple features and options life With social services and the many facilities in Istanbul Levent towers you will be able allocate more time for yourselves.

Games Room
A swimming pool, a fitness, steam room Technical services, reception, meeting rooms, spaces for storage and Archive Health room, Alnzaqh Services Car Rental, Valet Services, Gardens Floor Area Hospitality services, mail distribution and shipping services Meeting halls, an appropriate model for your lives and Maeshetkm. We offer you an opportunity unlike any other for life in a world of limitless him.
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