Mergers and acquisitions in Turkey – report 2015

شقق و فيلا في قبرص
Apartments & Villas in Cyprus
19 February 2016
الاستثمار في تركيا, الاستثمارات الاجنبية في تركيا سنة 2015
Foreign investment in Turkey rose by 32% in 2015
22 February 2016

Mergers and acquisitions in Turkey – report 2015

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Mergers and acquisitions in Turkey - report 2015

Mergers and acquisitions in Turkey - report 2015
The value of acquisitions and mergers in Turkey during 2015 reached $ 9 billion, including $ 4 billion by foreign investors, according to figures released by the Turkish Competition Authority.

The value of the purchase of state-owned companies in 2014 reached 3 billion and 600 million dollars, the volume of mergers and acquisitions in Turkey significantly doubled comparing to the previous years.

In 2013, Turkey took the first place in the report the report of mergers and acquisitions activities issued by "Ernst & Young" for the countries of Central and Southeast Europe , because of the continued momentum in mergers and acquisitions market in the Turkey.

In 2015, net sales have doubled for mergers and acquisitions in Turkey, which was reinforced by the acquisition of the company «Turkey Garanti Bankasi» by «Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentarya (Spain) $ 2.5 billion, revealed United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), in a statement through November 2015, an increase in merger and acquisition activity globally significantly in 2015.

UNCTAD said that "mergers and acquisitions globally rose to $ 441 billion, an increase of 136% compared to the same period in 2014 ."

Factors that have supported the global mergers and acquisitions included a series of low interest rates as well as companies seeking to increase their efficiency, and keep up with competitors who are conducting these kinds of deals. The data revealed by "Dealogic" Foundation, the acquisitions and mergers ads globally during 2015 exceeded $ 5 trillion, to exceed the record set in 2007 of $ 4.6 trillion. And the Republic of Turkey through its economy, which ranks 16th on the global level and the 6 at the level of Europe, with a population of 76 million people and its strategic location with favorable environment for investment created many opportunities and investment options.

Turkey, with strong GDP growing state (annual rate of 4.7% between 2002-2014), has enormous potential through a variety of investment opportunities for foreign investors. With respect to the majority of investors, it was the highlight of the current negotiations on Turkey's accession to the EU as a catalyst for their recognition of the attractiveness of the country for investment. Foreign investors showed interest in the real estate market and construction in Istanbul over the past years. The purchase of real estate has become very common among investors and tourism vacations around the world.

The total volume of mergers and acquisitions totaled $ 17.5 billion, as the number of commercial transactions reached 217 in Turkey. 12 of these deals has been clasified within the infrastructure, real estate and construction sectors for a total amount exceeding $ 1.5 billion.

The privatization section got attention locally and internationally, foreign investors' contribution to the volume of annual transactions was very strong (70% through 125 deals with a total transaction volume of 11.5 billion $ US), an increase of 44 % compared with 2014. Moreover, representing the remainder of the value of annual transactions 30% of Turkish investors through 120 transactions with a total value of 4.9 billion $, representing a decrease of 51% compared with the year 2014.

Privatization was in it's lowest levels historically, due to the postponement realated to the Turkish elections. However, the total value of privatization transactions amount was about $ 1.8 billion (2014 - $ 5.9 billion) through seven deals, mostly in power generation assets, representing 11% of the total volume.

On the other hand, the size of the private sector fell 25% and the contribution of foreign investors to the size of deals in the private sector was about 79%.

The biggest deal in 2015 in the private sector was, Qatar National Bank in taking a majority stake acquisition of $ 3 billion in Finansbank, which constitute 18% of the total volume of annual transactions. Moreover, the ten largest deals accounted for 50% of the total value of the deal (including undisclosed estimations).

Investors continued with different formations to play a key role in the integration market and acquisitions and it was 19% and 21% of the total volume of transactions and the number of transactions ( 3.1 billion $ - including estimates undisclosed - in 52 deals).

Although it follows a prudent strategy of mergers and acquisitions of companies which exceeds 2013 and 2014 in terms of both the number of deals and their value, due to the increasing number of deals by development banks and venture capital firms, including debt transactions structures.
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