The Residence

تأسيس شركة في تركيا
تأسيس شركة في تركيا
24 November 2015
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28 November 2015

The Residence

Apartments for sale in The Residence Istanbul

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The Residence Istanbul

General Information
Life in the heart of the old and the new city center, traditional and modern, magical story of the East and West, Istanbul ... the taste, texture and energy to the most beautiful city in the world and one of the most exclusive residential area of ​​Istanbul, Baghdad Street ...

Rich in history and social and cultural mosaic, the unique nature of the energy of the highest center of Istanbul with Marina, a special place where you can begin to live tomorrow with real estate security along ...

Investment unique and wonderful location, location, located in the center of each alternative transportation, green and blue in the city center tomorrow begin to live with the future value of an investment not to be missed ...

Kadikoy 3 km
Division 15 km
FSM Bridge 17 km
Bosphorus Bridge 12 km
Sabiha Gokcen Airport, 20 km

SPA, spa, sauna, Jacuzzi, steam room, massage rooms, FITNESS

Spacious and established over a wide area, equipped with advanced technology, and all the energy in the fitness center and according to the highest standards of living will be with you every moment. Most of the discoveries of the most fun adventure colorful indoor games and educational fields and green parks, swimming pool ... wonderful fun, safe, and open new horizons in the world of dreams, it will be a unique gift for your children is the most valuable asset. Natural ponds in the magnificent scenery of water that meets the soothing sensation of the most beautiful shades of green, walking trails and an outlet with a private parking space waiting for you and your family's life.

Terraced sun and put a swimming pool in the open air in the middle of lush landscaping, a swimming pool for children, you will experience the unique habitats of special for your loved ones fun ...
Public services and quality assurance in the life of a special privilege, it is believed every detail of the perfect life.
Brand world-renowned in Istanbul, the best restaurants, cafes and art galleries just a short walk away. Sea of ​​Marmara and the Islands and display the historical peninsula, which defines the perfect luxury circle. 1 + 1 to 4 + 1, as many as 350 different types of apartments M2X.
All large housing high glass facade and floor-to-ceiling windows dominate the scene.
Swimming pool, outdoor terraces and sun specially designed. Spacious and established over a wide area, equipped with advanced technology, and a fitness center with the highest standards. Turkish steam bath and spa area consists of a sauna bath. The spacious lobby is designed in the comfort of a luxury hotel. Concierge service to meet all your needs. Parking capacity of 1,000 cars with a technological, modern high ceilings, parking Minister. Security service 24 hours a day. Areas, library, children's education and entertainment. Create a lounge for special occasions. Driver's room. Mosques and prayer rooms. Social and cultural events throughout the year. Apartments HELVACIOĞLU example Hakan Hakan Helvacıoğlu occurred, large glass facades, and days filled with seating areas and spacious with light and designed for 1 + 1 apartment peaceful life. Salon bedroom dressing area outdoor kitchen toilet bathroom interested Designed with exquisite taste and equipped with high technology, it completed a perfect comfort of 100% willing to live ... friends preferred the most enjoyable part you signed EBRU MENGENECİOĞL perfect decoration designed 350 M2 4 + 1 apartments spectacle unique, with an infrastructure that will provide your family with all the comforts of a spacious living room ... sit bedrooms room Salon kitchen dressing room parents bathroom shared bathroom, toilet interested drawers balcony warehouse you take a deep breath of the night and the island unique and surrounded by spacious balconies and views of the city of Istanbul to live separately and enjoy the day. It is created living spaces carefully to provide the greatest value ... working and / or living room design with a spacious seating area greater your happiness beautiful dream your REZZAN BENARDAT sign a decorative approach every moment of your combines the unique comfort and beautiful landscapes in Istanbul, will participate in a private moment with the family is equipped with 3 + 1 residences with 225 M2 in perfect detail.
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